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Sutra neti is a nasal cleansing yoga exercise wherein the nasal area and outer respiratory regions are decongested with the help of soft thread. Initially, the soft thread is inserted through one nostril and tries to bring out through the mouth. The same process should be repeated with another nostril. After having mastery of the process, it can be inserted through one nostril and try to make it out through another nostril. But one thing should be kept in mind that it always should be practiced under the supervision of a yoga expert.

Rubber & Sutra Neti

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  • Sutra neti preparations

    • First of all, take a sutra neti cotton thread or rubber catheter that can be easily inserted into the nostril.
    • One teaspoon of salt may be added into half a litre of lukewarm water.
    • Now, fill the neti pot with this water.
    • Put the sutra neti into water for more softening.
  • Not to be entertained.