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Breast Cancer - Signs and Symptoms

Breast cancer is a cancer in which the cells in the breast go out of control. It affects both women and men (very rare). Signs and symptoms vary from person to person. All women should be aware of the signs of breast cancer so that it can be detected early and treated as soon as possible.

Lumps You may have irregular lumps on your chest or armpits. A lump is the most obvious sign of breast cancer. They are soft or hard. These lumps may be firm or displaced and are usually painless. These lumps feel different from other breast tissue. Pain - It's common to experience chest pain from wearing the wrong bra or from approaching your menstrual cycle. However, if pain persists for more than two weeks, you should see a doctor as a warning sign of breast cancer. Redness - If your breast looks red and feels warm to the touch, this may be a sign of breast cancer. Nipple discharge Having nipple discharge while breastfeeding or not may be a warning sign of breast cancer.These symptoms indicate the early stages of breast cancer. Dimpled Skin - Here the skin looks like an orange peel. This is a common symptom of inflammatory breast cancer. May cause irritation. Visible veins - If you can see veins in your chest, it could be a sign of cancer and should be checked. Swollen lymph nodes - Cancer may spread to the lymph nodes, causing them to become swollen and hard. It usually appears as a lump or swelling under the armpit. Breast size changes A sudden change in breast size may be caused by breast cancer. Upside down nipples These signs are very easy to identify. The nipple are drawn into the breast instead of facing outward.

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