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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Ria to mom- _‘’Mumma aaj khaane me kya hai?🤩 Gobhi ke paranthe! Eww mom, please. Kuch healthy kyu nahi banate aap? Chhodo ab Broccoli Salad Hi bana Do yaar!’’_😤

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And this is where Ria ends up falling into the trap of our common native foods vs exotic items.☹️ It is her vague obsession with non-native, foreign items because of which she is unable to consider what is lying in her kitchen! But aren’t we all doing the same?😯- Ditching the gobhi and choosing the broccoli. So, here we are with yet another comparison that will blow your minds away. 😎

Did you know that there is a minute difference between gobhi and broccoli in terms of energy, carbs, and fat ? In fact, Cauliflower has less amount of all of these compared to broccoli🥦! The no. of calories in Broccoli is 34 grams per kg, while in cauliflower it is just 25 grams per kg!🤩

If we talk about the protein content, there is a minute difference.😌 Broccoli has 0.9 grams more protein than 100 grams of cauliflower. The fiber content also exceeds by just 0.6 grams. 🤨

Now you will say, but what about the micronutrients?🤨 We get you here. Broccoli has some essential vitamins and nutrients. For instance

• Broccoli provides 90% of the Daily Value, while Cauliflower provides 57% of the same

• Broccoli also gives 77% of the DV of Vitamin K

But these are perhaps the only Vitamins showing a major difference between broccoli and cauliflower.😄 The rest of the nutrients present are similar in amount. For example- there is more amount of Vitamin B6, Folate and potassium in Cauliflower than Broccoli🥦.

Moreover, an important point to consider here is, traditionally in an Indian household, cauliflower is prepared as aloo-gobhi🍲, gobhi-matar, gobhi parantha etc. This fulfils the incomplete nutrition that cauliflower provides.

So, to sum up, if you are getting Cauliflower at Rs 70/kg and broccoli🥦 at Rs 200/kg, with little difference in their nutrient composition, what would you go for? We will leave that to you.🙃

*Who should avoid cauliflower/ broccoli*

People suffering from thyroid must not consume cruciferous vegetables as they interfer with iodine consumption.

Also women having PCOS should avoid consuming them in raw form

BOTTOMLINE- We are more often than not inclined towards western or exotic food, which is fair as long as they are healthy.😇 But ignoring the vast no. of benefits our locally-grown foods hold will be the biggest mistake on our part

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